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    Be prepared to practice at another nearby site...
   Be prepared to move your practice without moving your family, for example in case of a local economic decline (fewer insured patients) and use of biased peer review to gain 'market share' by driving competitors out of practice.  Few doctors discuss this subject.  Like breach of contract, cheating at the Academy, and marital infidelity, bad-faith peer review necessarily entails collusion, and that is the way to stop it:  Require judges be acceptable to both sides. Practices, groups, and hospital medical staffs which respect due process will attract doctors.  Until this ethical standard is adopted, your best protection against perfidy is the option to move down the street to another site.

Investigation before consummation: Locum tenens as trial marriage.

 Pick a good place to practice.  Caveat Doctor.  If committees (especially peer review committees) at places you are considering (medical school, groups, HMO's, hospitals, the military, etc., etc.) ignore due process, don't sign the contract:  Work elsewehre. Such committees have legal immunity from prosecution for libel. Their license to libel threatens your career; it also reduces the supply of physicians, affecting public health.


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