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Pending due-process in peer-review, practice-selection is the only way to avoid the ravages of for-profit peer-review.  Reform is a matter of public health.  We are all patients. 


"Six of my cases were brought up for review by a tissue committee controlled by competitors.  A nurse (sic), employed by the Saint Francis Hospital, testified that I had the highest rate of complication.  Why such testimony was admitted is a matter of some interest, in itself.  Liability for bearing false witness is an important related matter, in itself, and falls under the topic of immunity.  Under our gracious new laws, I would not be able to win $500,000 today were a nurse again caught committing libel."    Verner S. Waite M.D., FACS.  714-995-7242.  Founder, Semmelweis Society (1986).

                    Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986
                    The 'Gracious' Law Legalizing Libel
                                                    Due Process

II.   If you already face  biased review or want to help a friend:
    a.  Contact Dr. Waite (714-995-7242), myself ( , 
         and some of the MD.-J.D.'s for advice;
     b. Find Semmelweis members near you.  Email;  
     c.  MD-JD's can be found via the College of Legal Medicine;  Some who
         have expressed interest in helping doctors through the Semmelweis
         Society are::  Dr.  Bard, Dr. West, Dr. Hinnant, Dr. Peacock, Dr.
         Tobias.  See the  link to MD.-- Attorneys for addresses etc.; 
     d.  Contribute your story here with a link to your free web site
          (, for example).  We are assembling a network of 
          physicians and doctor-lawyers who are dedicated to avoiding, and
          stopping abusive peer review.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."  Santayana


                                                      May 16, 2003  

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