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"There are no rules in the Arena."  BEN-HUR  (1959)

Dr. Ignaz P. Semmelweis

Dr. Waite founded Semmelweis Society in 1986:  Click here:

We want a permanent organization to distribute tax-deuductible contributions in the public interest...

Possible financial structures

     A level playing field.  We know what that is.  We recall the occasional pre-med who 'dry-labbed' an experiment or cut pages from a textbook with a razor.  (This occurs in law school.)  Recall that even under the 'Honor Code" at the Academy, several hundred students were allowed to cheat.  Why did no one turn them in before the situation became flagrant?  Why, indeed?  Fear?  Self-interest?  Fear of exclusion/reprisal?  We will never know why biased peer review is tolerated, but we know how to avoid it--with dual practice selection.
     Semmelweis Society was founded by Dr. Waite in California (as a non-profit) to bring unbiased peer review to medicine.  We help doctors to find places which respect their 6th Amendment rights, in the belief that by protecting the rights of one group of citizens, the rights of all are enhanced.  We are all patients.
     We cite good places to practice and encourage change through competition--places which abuse doctors will find fewer doctors applying to work there.  Patients have a natural interest in this matter.  We are all patients.
    Doctors, and lawyers, are welcome to link their web pages here, describing good places to work, as well as less-than-ideal places, alleging perpetrators of biased peer review if desired, in accordance with the libel laws.  Sworn statements only!
     We disclaim liability under the libel laws for naming perpetrators of abuse:  Each person naming perpetrators to warn colleagues should consult an attorney to be sure to comply with pertinent libel law.
  Maps for selecting internships, residencies, practices:  Clickable lists of:
1.  State-by-state responses of medical societies' responses to a letter asking what their local provision is for due process.
2.  Ditto for specialty-by-specialty
3.  Ditto for restrictive covenants
4.  Etc.
5.  Names of Semmelweis members by state and by specialty
6.  Semmelweis lawyers
7.  Scholarships, legal
Contributors are invited to include a video presentation.

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